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Eyes are the windows of the soul, got a fantastic vision through. 

But the busy day work makes us focus on the screen of electronic products for a long time. Eyes begin feeling weak, such as dry eyes, eyesight deteriorated, in severe cases, may glaucoma, and even blindness.

As everybody knows, herbal tea takes excellent benefits in keeping health. So what kind of herbal tea can maintain the eyesight health, relieve the dryness of eyes?

Here come 10 herbal tea recipes, which all have good reviews for eyesight protection.

10 herbal tea recipes for keeping your eyesight
10 herbal tea recipes for keeping your eyesight

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is absolutely the best choice, it has conspicuous benefits, and it is easy to get.

Chamomile tea is rich in vitamin A, which is the essential nutrition facts on eyesight health. And in traditional Chinese medicine, it is often used to treat a variety of eye diseases.

Having a cup of chamomile tea can make your eyes and brain bright, helpful for the dry eye case, especially for the people who work on a computer for a long time.

Just take a few dried chamomile and steep with hot water for several minutes.

Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is a kind of flavoured green tea. It retains the natural benefits from the tea polyphenol of green tea, good at anti-inflammatory, and reduces blood press, to relieve fatigue caused by eye congestion. And the caffeine in jasmine tea can also make you refreshing.

Jasmine also has a lot of aromatic oil and a strong aroma that can help you relax.

Take 5g of jasmine tea and sugar, steep with hot water, having after filtration.

Jasmine Tea
Jasmine Tea

Wolfberry Tea

In recent years, dietary therapy methods from China are trendy, and wolfberry tea is the most common one.

Eyesight protection is one of the benefits of wolfberry tea. It is rich in carotene, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, Ca, Fe .etc, which are essential nutrition facts for healthy eyes.

Take the right amount of wolfberry, steep with hot water. P.S. the wolfberry after steeping is chewable and edible.

Wolfberry Tea
Wolfberry Tea

Rosemary Tea

The diterpenes found in rosemary tea are great for relaxing nerves, helping to boost your mental state and concentration.

When you at a long time work or study, having a cup of rosemary tea can help you get to relax and relieve eye fatigue; it will improve your memory at the same time.

Take 10g of rosemary tea and steep with hot water for 5 minutes. Since rosemary is a bit bitter, you can spice it up with honey for a better taste.

Rosemary Tea
Rosemary Tea

Eyebright tea

The herb eyebright has been used as an eye medicine in Europe since ancient times. Some records of ancient Greece show they ever used it as a medicine for eye infections. You can feel the significance though its name.

Eyebright is rich in tannic acid and has a strong astringent effect. It can make the outer layer of the mucous membrane around the eye orbit contract, improve the lacrimal gland secretion, relieve the ciliary muscle flesh because of a long time with the eye caused by tension.

Take an appropriate amount of eyebright according to personal taste and brew it in hot water for drinking. 

What is worth to note, that in addition to drinking, you can also use a towel dipped some eyebright tea, and put it on the eyes for a hot compress. Relieve eye fatigue while still can achieve the role of removing the black eye.

Eyebright Tea Is The Best For Eyesight Health
Eyebright Tea Is The Best For Eyesight Health

Osmanthus Green Tea

Osmanthus has embellish-lung and whitening skin benefits; the sharp fragrance can relax your nerves and keep a good spiritual state. Brew it with green tea can relieve eye strain and remove halitosis.

Add some osmanthus into the brewed green tea. After you smell the sharp osmanthus fragrance is ok to serve.

Osmanthus Green Tea
Osmanthus Green Tea

Rose Black Tea

In the vision of traditional Chinese medicine, the health of the liver closely related to eyesight. Black tea and rose tea have significant benefits in helping eliminate liver toxins and keeping liver health. Not only does the combination promote eye health more effectively, but the black tea and rose flavors also match.

Take 20 dried roses, 1 black tea teabag, steep with 400ml hot water, then adding some honey.

Rose Black Tea
Rose Black Tea

Cassia Seed Chamomile Hawthorn Tea

Just like the rose tea, cassia seed has a benefit on liver protection. Brew it with chamomile and hawthorn can improve eyesight health. It is said that cassia seed also has the benefit on weight loss.

This herbal tea recipe has a slightly sour taste, which does not only help to solve dry eyes but also suitable for patients with indigestion.

Take cassia seed 10g, dried chamomile 5g, hawthorn 15g, or the same proportion of them, boiling with water for 30 mins.

Cassia seed chamomile hawthorn tea
Cassia seed chamomile hawthorn tea

Ginkgo Biloba Tea

Ginkgo biloba tea has excellent benefits for blood. It can help the body remove impurities in the blood vessels, but also to prevent atherosclerosis, and cerebral thrombosis.

Research shows that ginkgo biloba tea is also effective in relieving eye strain. It dilates the blood vessels in the back of the eye, improving the ocular blood flow, and improving retinal sensitivity, concentration, and alertness. And it doesn’t affect your overall blood pressure or heart rate.

Take 2-3g ginkgo biloba tea, steep with hot water for 5-10 mins.

Warning: Raw, wild ginkgo biloba cannot be used directly to make tea. Natural ginkgo biloba contains a large amount of ginkgo acid, and it can be soluble in water, consume direct may cause paroxysmal spasm, nerve palsy, pupil dilation, allergy, and other toxic side effects. Therefore, we recommended buying processed ginkgo biloba tea on the market.

The ginkgo biloba tea has been processed
The ginkgo biloba tea has been processed

Buddleja Officinalis Wolfberry Tea

The buddleja officinalis contains flavonoids, volatile oil, triterpenoid, iridoid glycoside, and other nutrition facts, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Clinical use for dry eye disease, cataract, keratomalacia, and it has a significant effect.

Many eye-drops also contain extracts from the buddleja officinalis, making tea with it can help to keep your eyesight healthy. It can also repair the damage caused by focusing on the screen for too long.

Take wolfberry 10g, buddleja officinalis 3g, steep with 85℃ water for about 15 mins.

Buddleja Officinalis Tea
Buddleja Officinalis Tea
Just a tea lover. Like to try different types of tea. Do not matter if the brewing is perfect, only enjoy the various charming taste.


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