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Welcome to Lastea!

Hi, this is Desmond!As a pure tea lover, I love to have tea once I get free.

I build lastea.com because I realized as such a popular beverage, tea poorly known by people.

So many people ask the question such as

  • How much caffeine in tea?
  • What is tea good for?
  • Does XXX tea make some side effects?

And the answers are equally deficient on the internet.

Well, why not share my experience with everybody?

Just brew with some herbs and leaves, you will get a cup of nice drink. Tea is such a fantastic thing, worth to get more fans!

Of course, brewing tea became an art called tea ceremony a long time, and it makes brewing tea seems like a hard work to do, especially in China and Japan.

Never mind! You don’t need to do this. Just enjoy the tea in your way— teabags, flavored tea, milk tea.etc also the ideas for fun. You can blend the traditional Chinese loose tea with herbals, or any other spices, to find out the taste you own.

In this blog, you will learn more about tea, including its nutrition facts, health benefits, side effects, brewing ways, and also some tea recipes, anythings fun about tea will be.

Maybe you have different points on our post, and it will be awesome if you left a comment to show your idea. Or if you got something fun about tea, and want to share on Lastea, contact us and tell us your great idea!

Nice Tea Journey!


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