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Tea is one of the top three beverages in the world. Here, we will keep sharing the tea knowledge to help you better know this fascinating drink

Pu-erh tea is most Chinese's favorite

Why Chinese Love Pu-erh Tea Deeply & How To Choose Proper One

Most of the countries with tea culture almost take green or black tea as the mainstream. But in China, the place tea was born,...
Darjeeling black tea in fact originated in China

Is Adding Milk Into Darjeeling Tea A Great Idea?

India is a large black tea production country; the total yield was over 1.35 billion kg in 2019. Even though the proportion is not...
Yingde black tea was ever popular in the west

Complete Guide To Yingde Black Tea & Yinghong No.9 Tea

We've talked about Da Ye Qing tea in another post. There is a charming tea that also comes from Guangdong, China; it is Yingde Black Tea. It...
Keemun is praised as the queen in black tea

Keemun Black Tea, Ever Was The Top Black Tea In The World

Even though Lapsang Souchong is back in vogue in recent years, but before that, the most famous black tea from China is Keemun Black Tea. It ever...
Dianhong is a kind of unique black tea from Yunnan

Yunnan Dianhong Tea, A Unique Black Teas With Golden Tips

When we talk about Yunnan, most people will associate it with Pu'erh tea. The senior tea lovers may also know a unique black tea...
Taiwan Dong Ding oolong tea is famous on its roasting taste

Taiwan Dong Ding Oolong Tea, History, Processing & How To Brew

Oolong tea is what Chinese people favorite, especially popular in Fujian Province. Taiwan, the province only an ocean away from Fujian, the oolong drinking culture...
People love to brew Baihao Yinzhen tea with glass teawares

Baihao Yinzhen(Silver Needle Tea) Processing, Taste & Aging

People who love white tea should ever hear about Baihao Yinzhen tea. The plump leaves will vertically suspend at the water when brewing, what an...
Phoenix Dan Cong tea is a famous type of Oolong teas

Phoenix Dan Cong Tea – History, Processing & 10 Fragrance Types

Tea originated in China, drinking tea is a part of Chinese life. Even though there were vast types of tea, and different places prefer...
Liu Bao tea is a famous type of dark tea

Liu Bao Tea – What’s Different Between Raw Tea & Ripe Tea

Guangxi is a famous resort in China. Even though the modernization is relatively backward, but the natural environment has retained. In the ancient forest,...
Aging moonlight white tea taste more mellow

Moonlight White Tea – Unique Tea Got Black & White Color Look

Fujian province is famous in white tea, most of the products originated from there. But Yunnan, the south-west of China, also manufactures a particular type...

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