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Tea is one of the most popular daily drink in the world. Each type of tea has different nature benefits and taste, surprising and charming.
As tea lovers, here we share everything about tea.

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Using a fair cup for serving tea

How To Use A Fair Cup To Help Making Tea?

We often see a little pitcher in the complete set teawares for sale; its official name is Fair Cup. What justice can it bring to us? Let's see. What Is Fair Cup Use For When a tea ceremony novice is...
The copper teapot has a fresh feeling different from the porcelain one

Worry About Is Copper Teapot Safe To Use? Let’s See

No matter the past time or nowaday, the kettle used to boil water was all made from metal. The most we know is the silver teapot, which has a delicacy appearance. But it was only for the...
Choose the right cups to improvise your tea experience

4 Tips Help Choose The Right Teacups To Improve Your Tea Experiences

Teacups play an essential role in the relationship between drinkers and tea. No matter just make tea bags with a mug simply or make tea follow the traditional tea ceremony, in the end, you need a teacup for...
Various beautiful teapots

Teapot Buying Guide – 9 Popular Types, Pros Vs. Cons

The teapot is a necessary teaware for tea. Whether you are going to have tea alone or enjoy with your friends, you need the right teapot to experience the real taste of tea. Worthing to know, the teapot is...
The tea tray is an essential teaware of the tea ceremony

6 Popular Tea Tray – Pros & Cons

In the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, various teawares are needed, such as teapots, teacups, and tea props. When we were brewing tea, various teawares will make the table look tousled. In this case, we need a tea tray to keep...
Gaiwan is one of the important teaware

How To Use A Gaiwan Instead Of A Teapot To Brew Tea Better

Gaiwan is a kind of traditional Chinese teaware, which consists of a lid, a bowl, and a saucer, respectively corresponding to the "sky,"" earth," and the "man," reflecting the traditional Chinese philosophy. In some Chinese ancient-theme films, the characters often...
Learn More About Tea, Teaware, Have Some Making Tea Tips & Tea Recipes. 5

Traditional Japanese Tea House – Experience Extreme Silence

The Japanese tea house is called "Chashitsu" in Japanese, also known as "tea room," a particular Japanese architecture for serving tea ceremony. Its decoration is deeply influenced by Zen Buddhism. And it is respected in Japan as...
Learn More About Tea, Teaware, Have Some Making Tea Tips & Tea Recipes. 6

Why Do Chinese Teacups Have No Handle?

Some tea lovers may ever be confused: Why do the British teacups have a handle, and Chinese teacups do not? And what makes them got a different design? The Develop Of Chinese Teacups In the past, the wine got...

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Tea Recipes

Gongfu tea is a brewing ceremony in Chinese tea culture

Chinese Tea Ceremony – How To Make Tea In Gongfu Tea Style

If you love MMA and watched the early UFC, or you ever watched Bruce Lee's movie, you may know the word "Kung Fu," which is...
Pick the best herbal tea for sore throat to get rid of the suffering

Try These 9 Best Herbal Tea For Sore Throat Relieve

Do you remember when you were a child, once you got a cold and suffering from a sore throat, grandma would give you a...
Tiberan butter tea

Tibetan Butter Tea, A Bulletproof Beverage With 1000 Years History

Have you ever try to put a big tab butter into a cup of tea? In the Himalayan region, this is the most common...
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12 Best Fruit Tea Recipes Homemade Easy (Continuously Updated)

In recent years, fruit tea becomes trendy, and many tea rooms have launched a variety of fruit tea and bubble milk tea. These blended-teas...
Time to have a perfect cup of Ceylon tea

5 Keys To Brew A Perfect Cup Of Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is the black tea which is origin in Sri Lanka. All people have favored it for its excellent quality and pure taste.  But...

Try These 10 Easy Herbal Tea Recipes For Your Eyesight Health

Eyes are the windows of the soul, got a fantastic vision through.  But the busy day work makes us focus on the screen of electronic products for...
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Cold Brew Tea – What Is The Different And How To Make?

In impression, tea is usually brewed with hot water. Hot tea is not acceptable to everyone, some people prefer cold drinks, and drinking the cool-down hot...
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Does Hong Kong Milk Tea Really Use A Silk Stocking To Make?

"Silk stocking milk tea" is a type of milk tea with the most authentic Hong Kong-style, also known as "Hong Kong milk tea" or...
Learn More About Tea, Teaware, Have Some Making Tea Tips & Tea Recipes. 10

How to make Mongolian milk tea: Enjoy the flavor of Oriental grassland

Mongolian milk tea is a traditional Mongolian drink. Mongolians generally call it "Suutei Tsai "milk tea, also known as Mongolian salty tea. As the Mongols...
Learn More About Tea, Teaware, Have Some Making Tea Tips & Tea Recipes. 11

How Does Water Quality Affects Tea Taste?

Water is necessary for brewing tea, the water quality affects tea taste very much. In tea lovers' point, the tea brewed by different waters will...