Does Anji Bai Cha Exactly Belong To White Tea Or Green Tea?

While buying teas online, we often see that there is a kind of leaves named Anji Bai Cha under the green tea category. Pals who know some Chinese may feel confused - Bai Cha means White Tea in Chinese, and why did...

Is An Expensive Yixing Zisha Teapot Really Worth?

What teapot is best for brewing tea? Many senior tea lovers may give you the same answer: a Chinese Yixing Zisha Teapot. These unglazed, soil-color small teapots show the beauty of nature, and the delicate carves are...

Export Volume of 8 Tea Producing Countries In The World 2021

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It originated in China and has a long history. Even to this day, China still has the largest output among all tea producing countries. The charm...

Taiping Houkui: One of The Top-grade Chinese Green Teas

Do you know any famous and expensive Chinese green tea? You may answer quickly - West Lake Longjing and Dongting Biluochun. But any else? Have you ever heard of Taiping Houkui tea? In the Chinese green tea...

What Should We Pay Attention To During Tea Storage?

As a tea lover, there must be various teas in your kitchen cabinet. They are in a good organization, and you think so. Maybe it is, maybe not. Tea storage is not easy, not just means to...

Loose Leaf Tea Vs. Tea Bags, Which One Is Really Better?

Tea is primarily be consumed by people in two styles: Loose Leaf Tea and Tea Bags. Compared with the argument about hand drip coffee and instant coffee, the competition of Loose Leaf Teas vs. Tea Bags is much...

Why Do Japanese Restaurants Love To Serve Genmaicha Tea Free?

Korean and Japanese cuisines lovers may be familiar with Genmaicha. It has a fully roasted flavor, but unlike Oolong, the fragrance is from the tiny rice grains in the tea. The Japanese green tea's unique umami and...

About Bakelite Tea Tray: 3 Pros & Cons, Buying & Maintain Guide

For a long time, the bakelite tea tray gives a plain and twopenny impression. Its style is onefold and straightforward; the color looks intentionally imitating wood but lacks anima. Actually, just talk about the practicability, bakelite tea...

Hojicha: A Charming Japanese Tea Made From Roasted Leaves

Japanese teas are famous for their unique and strong umami, a flavor similar to kelp, full of sea feeling. However, not everybody loves this taste. Fortunately, there is a particular type: Hojicha. Whether the looks and flavor,...

What Is Bancha Actually Means? Here are 5 Famous Types

We've talked that Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan. In fact, Sencha is a large family. In this family, there is a little brother - Bancha. Most izakayas and small restaurants in Japan serve their...

How Did Sencha Become The Most Popular Green Tea In Japan?

Matcha and the complex Sado may be the first impress when we talk about Japanese tea. Actually, in Japanese ordinary daily life, a kind of green tea called Sencha takes the absolute position. It got a more...

7 benefits of Lavender Tea – Not Just For A Good Dream

Lavender may be the flower that people are most familiar with in the world. Except for being an interior and garden decoration, its products are everywhere in our life, such as essential oil, perfume, seasoner, etc. Once...

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