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Just a tea lover. Like to try different types of tea. Do not matter if the brewing is perfect, only enjoy the various charming taste.
Junshan Yinzhen tea is a rare yellow tea

Junshan Yinzhen Tea – The Only Yellow Tea of Chinese 10 Famous Teas

Dongting Lake is a Chinese tourist attraction, which located in Yueyang, Hunan. Picturesque scenery here, as the inspiration source for the poets for a long time. Thanks to the excellent natural environment, plants growing strong...
Bai Jiguan tea is regarded as Taoist tea

Why Say Bai Jiguan Tea Helps Taoist Practice?

Wuyi Rock teas play an essential part in Oolong, and they are famous for their unique "Yan Yun"(rock flavor.) From the description we see, this flavor is very impactful. But among them, a type named Bai...
Tieluohan tea deserves you a try

Tieluohan Tea – The Oldest Of Wuyi 4 Great Oolong Tea Trees

Fujian is the largest Oolong tea-producing region, and the products are divide into two genres - Minnan and Minbei. When we are talking about Oolong, we can't miss them, especially Wuyi Rock Tea. There are Four Great...
Huangjin Gui tea maybe the excellent Oolong which been ignored

Huangjin Gui Tea – An Excellent Oolong Tea Nearly Been Forgotten

Minnan is a famous Oolong tea-producing region, and the well-known Tieguanyin is originated there. The excellent natural environment in Anxi is very suitable for tea tree cultivation; 6 of 30 national-level eminent tea-plants are from...
Tieguanyin tea is a very famous Oolong

Tieguanyin Tea – The Most Popular Oolong With High Orchid Fragrance

Do you remember what type of tea your first try is? I guess most people, just like me, is Tieguanyin tea. Its rich floral aroma is so charming, and the cool mouthfeel is very suitable...
Dongfang Meiren tea brews looks like champagne

Dongfang Meiren Tea: Top Oolong Produced In A Bug-Bitten Way

Among the Oolong tea lovers circle, you may often hear them talking about "Oriental Beauty." Is there a wonderful woman from the east? Don't be a mistake; actually, they are talking about a top-grade Oolong tea...
The white peony tea infusion is light but full of aroma

What Is White Peony Tea(Bai Mu Dan) Good For & How To Make It?

White peony is a flower name, but to tea lovers, that it's a kind of awesome tea. Don't be misunderstood, it's not a herbal tea but a type of white tea from China. Due to the least processing,...
Shoumei looks a big difference from other white teas

Shoumei Tea(Gongmei): An Excellent White Tea With An Ugly Look

In our impression, white tea may all like the Baihao Yinzhen, full of tender buds. The fuzz reflects shining silver light under the sun, noble and elegant. In the Fuding White Tea market, there also a kind...
Small size Anhua Qian Liang Tea

Anhua Dark Tea: The Best Border-selling Tea In The Past Time

In Chinese history, dark tea took an important position. For a long time, dark tea had another more official name Border-selling Tea. Almost all the dark tea production and sales must be under government manager, mainly for...
Tibetan tea sold in a brick tea style

Do You Know Tibetan Tea? This Brick Tea Ever Used As Currency

Tibet is a province of China, also an important node of the Ancient Tea Horse Road. It is said that in a political marriage in the Tang Dynasty, Princess Wencheng brought three kinds of stuff to Tibet,...

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