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Just a tea lover. Like to try different types of tea. Do not matter if the brewing is perfect, only enjoy the various charming taste.
The white peony tea infusion is light but full of aroma

What Is White Peony Tea(Bai Mu Dan) Good For & How To Make It?

White peony is a flower name, but to tea lovers, that it's a kind of awesome tea. Don't be misunderstood, it's not a herbal tea but a type of white tea from China. Due to the least processing,...
Shoumei looks a big difference from other white teas

Shoumei Tea(Gongmei): An Excellent White Tea With An Ugly Look

In our impression, white tea may all like the Baihao Yinzhen, full of tender buds. The fuzz reflects shining silver light under the sun, noble and elegant. In the Fuding White Tea market, there also a kind...
Small size Anhua Qian Liang Tea

Anhua Dark Tea: The Best Border-selling Tea In The Past Time

In Chinese history, dark tea took an important position. For a long time, dark tea had another more official name Border-selling Tea. Almost all the dark tea production and sales must be under government manager, mainly for...
Tibetan tea sold in a brick tea style

Do You Know Tibetan Tea? This Brick Tea Ever Used As Currency

Tibet is a province of China, also an important node of the Ancient Tea Horse Road. It is said that in a political marriage in the Tang Dynasty, Princess Wencheng brought three kinds of stuff to Tibet,...
Fuzhuan brick tea is famous for its vast golden flowers

Why Fuzhuan Brick Tea With Many Golden Flowers In?

By the Pu-erh tea trend in recent years, dark tea is known by more and more people. Dark tea belongs to post-fermented tea, and it needs aging to increase the flavor. After a long-time store, some leaves may develop...
Pu-erh tea is most Chinese's favorite

Why Chinese Love Pu-erh Tea Deeply & How To Choose Proper One

Most of the countries with tea culture almost take green or black tea as the mainstream. But in China, the place tea was born, a kind of tea named Pu'er(also called Pu-erh tea) is the most...
Darjeeling black tea in fact originated in China

Is Adding Milk Into Darjeeling Tea A Great Idea?

India is a large black tea production country; the total yield was over 1.35 billion kg in 2019. Even though the proportion is not as large as Assam, each tea brand is rushed to...
Yingde black tea was ever popular in the west

Complete Guide To Yingde Black Tea & Yinghong No.9 Tea

We've talked about Da Ye Qing tea in another post. There is a charming tea that also comes from Guangdong, China; it is Yingde Black Tea. It is regarded as the Top 3 Chinese black tea with Keemun and Yunnan...
Keemun is praised as the queen in black tea

Keemun Black Tea, Ever Was The Top Black Tea In The World

Even though Lapsang Souchong is back in vogue in recent years, but before that, the most famous black tea from China is Keemun Black Tea. It ever got various international awards, and it was the favorite of...
Dianhong is a kind of unique black tea from Yunnan

Yunnan Dianhong Tea, A Unique Black Teas With Golden Tips

When we talk about Yunnan, most people will associate it with Pu'erh tea. The senior tea lovers may also know a unique black tea comes from there - Yunnan Dianhong tea. Compared with other common...

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