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Tea blended with different kinds of ingredients can bring a strong taste shock
Tea blended with different kinds of ingredients can bring a strong taste shock

Open the online tea store catalog, and you can find that it generally falls into two parts – Origin tea and Blended tea. Compared with the single and strong regional flavor sought by origin tea, blended tea emphasizes the unique flavor created by tea brands and tea master according to different taste needs.

Advantages of blended tea

Because of the tea master will blend tea based on consumer taste requirements, so blended tea also tends to be more acceptable than origin teas, and more convenient according to own preferences, different ways to drink tea and time to make a choice.

Besides, the tea brand style can also be clearly observed from the signature blend tea of various well-known tea brands. For example, Mariage Frères (France) blended tea is mostly rich in aroma and flavor; Fortnum & Mason (Britain) blended tea is full of aristocratic temperament; Japanese brand tends to be cute and stylish; It’s very interesting. Whether it is a pot of milk aroma English breakfast tea or Earl Grey, Mariage Frères Wedding Imperial Tea or Fortnum & Mason Queen Anne at breakfast time, blended tea remains a distinct taste of life.

Blended Tea

The famous Mariage Frères blended tea
The famous Mariage Frères blended tea

Tea masters blend tea from different regions(India, Sri Lanka, and Chian, three main sources of blended tea), to produce the unique flavor blended tea. Generally, it should be paid attention to the balance and coordination of taste and aroma during tea blending, and the shape and size of tea should be consistent as far as possible for steeping purposes.

The most famous blended tea is English breakfast tea. The formula of each tea brands is different. Usually, it will be formulated with a strong and full aroma and taste, and it is suitable for milk. Other well-known blended tea, such as Mariage Frères (France) Wedding Imperial Tea, which blended by Ceylon tea from the different region; Harrods(Britain) No.14 Breakfast Tea, which blended by India tea, Ceylon tea, Kenya tea, and Darjeeling tea; Fortnum & Mason(Britain) Queen Anne Tea, which blended by India tea and Ceylon tea; They are all famous blended tea.

Many tea brands often take the tea-drinking time as the allocation and naming principle, such as breakfast tea, noon chai, afternoon tea, evening tea and so on. Breakfast tea focus on the strong and thick taste, afternoon tea focus on aroma and relaxed feeling, evening tea focus on help digestion.

Flavoured Tea

Flavoured tea which has many types of flavor
Flavoured tea which has many types of flavor

Add into ingredients such as fruit, flower, herb, perfume or essence oil into the blended tea, to create a variety of aroma and rich taste, that’s how flavoured tea make. Flavored tea is the most acceptable and favorite tea for casual black tea newbies.

Earl Grey is the most classic flavoured tea with a long history. This kind of tea is from China, blended the aroma from Bergamot Lemon. It is said that Earl Grey, who was the British Navy Minister in the 19th century, loved LapSang Souchong very much, but it was too expensive to buy. So he asked the tea merchant from London to copy it by blending the spice which available at that time, to enjoy every day. And so it spread by time.

Who was the tea merchant at that time actually? For a long time, the argument of this problem has never disappeared, the famous tea brands competing for the legitimate founding position, debate. However, no matter who it comes from, Earl Grey tea, which was originally just an imitation of LapSang Souchong, has gradually become popular for more than two hundred years and even become a more popular and daily tea than LapSang Souchong.

Other common flavoured tea recipes have a different style from each other. In addition to rose, jasmine, violet, lavender and other herbal tea, there are lychee, peach, apple, banana, pineapple, grape and other fruit ingredients. And even caramel pudding, tiramisu tea, really dazzling.

Just a tea lover. Like to try different types of tea. Do not matter if the brewing is perfect, only enjoy the various charming taste.


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