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To a rookie who is going to learn tea ceremony, everything maybe strangeness. Especially when you step into a tea shop, and see various full teawares, you should be confused, “Which should I gonna buy?” Don’t worry, here comes some basic teaware introduces of the tea ceremony for you.

Basic Teawares For Drinking Tea
Basic Teawares For Drinking Tea


A Ceramic Teapot
A Ceramic Teapot

The teapot is a tool for brewing and serving tea, and it’s one of the essential and basic teawares. Somebody may also use a little teapot as a cup for drinking tea directly, but that seems not to be graceful.

There are hundreds of types of teapots, from different shapes to different materials. In the Chinese tea ceremony, tea lovers prefer the pottery teapot, especially the purple clay ones. But to the new learner, I recommend the porcelain teapot; it’s easier to make tea successfully.

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A Ceramic Teacup
A Ceramic Teacup

Most of the time, after making tea with a teapot, we need to pour the infusion into a teacup for serving. Teacups also made from various materials, like glass, ceramics, even jade.

When you are going to buy a set of teacups, it’s better to choose which has a white inner wall; it can better appreciate the color of tea. But one thing you should know, mugs do not belong to the traditional teacups, even it can also make tea, but it’s not cool.

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A Green Porcelain Gaiwan
A Green Porcelain Gaiwan

Gaiwan also called “three genius cup.” It consists of a cup, saucer, and lid, each of them corresponds to the “sky,” “earth,” and “human,” that’s the traditional Chinese philosophy thing.

Gaiwan is also used for brewing tea, but to a rookie, it’s difficult; it’s easy to burn your fingers and needs practice. Most of the Gaiwan made from ceramics, and the white porcelain is the common one. In recent years, glass Gaiwan also becomes popular. Anyway, use a Gaiwan to make the tea can bring you a different experience.

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Tea Holder

A White Porcelain Tea Holder
A White Porcelain Tea Holder

The tea holder is for placing the tea leaves, just like a dish. In the Chinese tea ceremony, when the host takes out the tea, he needs to put the leaves into the tea holder and pass it to the guest to display the quality.

The tea holder typically made from bamboo, wood, or ceramics. The white porcelain is the most common, it helps to display clearly. And the bamboo one also popular; it has a traditional feeling. The tea holders got various shapes, like square, round, and shell. It’s a practical teaware.

Fair Cup

A Glass Fair Cup
A Glass Fair Cup

The fair cup is a big mug; it is primarily used to make every guest’s infusion be the same, hence the name.

Every part of the tea infusion inside the teapot is in different concentrations; when you have to serve more than two friends, they may get not the same tea in their teacup. So after brewing, pour the tea into the fair cup first, then pour into guest’s teacup from it. Problem solved.

Glass may be the best material for the fair cup; it makes observe the tea concentrations easily. By the way, the fair cup usually sells with a filter.

Water Boiler

A  Electromagnetic Water Heater
A Electromagnetic Water Boiler

To make a perfect cup of tea, you need to control the water temperature well; a water boiler with a thermometer may be a good helper. Therefore, a suitable water boiler is necessary for a new learner.

In traditional, people use a stove for boiling water. But in modern times, there are many electronic water boilers sale on the market; they typically integrated a kettle. Stainless steel and aluminum are the most common materials, even some made from glass. It is better to choose the one with a thermometer because every type of tea got its best brewing temperature.

Tea Saucer

A Green Porcelain Saucer
A Green Porcelain Saucer

The tea saucer mainly used to make the teacup more comfortable to hold and prevent the hands from burning. In the Chinese tea ceremony, when the host passes the tea to the guest or takes it back, both they need to hold the tea saucer with two hands to finish. It is a kind of etiquette.

Typically, the tea saucer got the same material as the teacups or phases them, like wood, bamboo, and ceramic, and they usually sell together. One thing that needs to pay attention does not make confuse the tea saucer with the tea holder.

Tea Art Six Gentlemen

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There are six little tea tools with a cool name, “Tea Art Six Gentlemen.” They respectively are tea tools caddy, teaspoon, tea funnel, tea stirrer, tea tweezer, and tea needle. Each of them got their unique use, to know more about what they actually use for, read: Tea Tools Using Guide – Tea Art Six Gentlemen.

Tea Towel

tea towel
Tea Towel

A tea towel is for cleaning up and dry the water on the tea tray or table. The tea towels commonly seen on the market are usually made of cotton and linen cloth, which have an excellent moisture absorbent.

Tea towel entirely according to personal preferences and tea table color to decide, there is not too much request. Every time after use, you also need to clean the towel in time, avoid breeding the bacterium.

Tea Storage Containers

A Porcelain Tea Storage Container
A Porcelain Tea Storage Container

A can uses for storing the loose leaf tea. It usually made from material like clay, porcelain, tin, paper, and glass.

Different material has different pros, and fit to different types of tea. Such as Pu-erh tea is best to use a purple clay container for storage; green tea matches the tin container may better. To herbal tea, due to it usually got a beautiful appearance, a glass container will be awesome.

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Tea Tray

A Wooden Tea Tray
A Wooden Tea Tray

The tea tray is one of the most essential basic teaware, which uses for placing all the other teaware, and some even have the function to drain the wastewater out. Ordinary tea tray made from bamboo or wood, and some even made from stone and jade. Modern tea tray usually integrated the water boiler, and a water supply system, which significantly favors brewing tea.

Generally, to choose a tea tray, the first thing you need to consider is the size; it depends on how many people will drink together, and how many teawares you need to place on it. But more important is the function, what I think the drainage function is must-have.

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Just a tea lover. Like to try different types of tea. Do not matter if the brewing is perfect, only enjoy the various charming taste.


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