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Drink tea in the wrong situations will harmful to your healthy
Drink tea in the wrong situations will harmful to your healthy

The central ancient Chinese medical classics “Compendium of Materia Medica” in describing the function of tea, there is a saying that “drink tea for a long time will help lose weight.” This is a scientific saying because tea contains aromatic compounds that can dissolve the body’s oil and help digestion. Nowadays, there are still a lot of people choose to drink a cup of tea after eating greasy food to help remove the greasy feeling.

Although tea is good for health, but pay attention, in these 3 situations, it may be harmful to your body.

Drink too much tea

Although tea help removes the greasy feeling, it also not good to drink too much. According to the medical investigation found that, for the average person, under normal circumstances, the amount of tea used in daily drinking tea in 12 grams, and the best into 3 to 4 times. For people with a large amount of physical labor, physical exertion and food intake, the daily consumption of tea is about 20 grams, while people with a large amount of greasy food, tobacco, and alcohol need to increase the amount of tea. As for pregnant women, children, people who neurasthenia, and high-heart-rate, tea consumption should be appropriately reduced.

If people do not pay attention to the above conditions and still drink too much tea, they are prone to anxiety, irritability, insomnia, heart palpitations and so on

Symptoms, and easily lead to sleep disorders and digestive disorders and loss of appetite and other conditions. Based on the above factors, we should control the amount of tea we drink, the unfavorable one-time large amount of drinks tea. Although tea is good for health, don’t drink too much of it.

Tea is good for health but it can not drink too much
Tea is good for health but it can not drink too much

The tea place overnight

Most of the time, we steeped a cup of tea, but for a variety of reasons failed to drink in time, even forget the existence of this cup of tea, until the next day, we find that the cup of tea was placed overnight. So is this cup of overnight tea that untasted drinkable?

The answer is “Absolutely No!”

The reasons are mainly in two aspects:

First, after a long time of steeping, the nutrients in tea have been lost(influence of steeping times), only leaving behind some difficult to dissolve harmful substances. Lose nutrient element, also lose nutrient value. However, if you drink overnight tea, harmful substances will enter the human body along with the tea and become a hidden threat or lesion in the human body. Therefore, tea that loses its nutritional value should not be drinking.

Second, overnight tea tends to go bad, causing damage to the human body itself. Protein and sugar are the basic building blocks of tea, and they are also the food for bacteria and mold. One night is enough to make tea spoilage and give it a bad smell. If such tea gets into our body, our digestive organs will be severely damaged, and diarrhea will occur.

It can be known that drinking overnight tea will bring a certain degree of injury to the human body. So, for the sake of health, it’s best not to drink overnight tea.

Do not drink tea on an empty stomach

It is not good to drink tea on an empty stomach
It is not good to drink tea on an empty stomach

Because tea contains caffeine and other alkaloids, drinking tea on an empty stomach can not only fail to achieve the usual effect of clearing the stomach and intestines, but also make the intestinal tract absorb too much caffeine, and eventually lead to such symptoms as palpitation, weakness of hands and feet, and absent-mindedness. This will not only cause gastrointestinal distress, affect appetite and food digestion, but also may damage the normal function of the nervous system.

If you drink tea on an empty stomach for a long time, your spleen and stomach will suffer from cold, result in malnutrition and loss of appetite. When the situation becomes severe, the stomach and intestines, which are responsible for digestion, become dysfunctional, and people will suffer from chronic intestinal problems.

Besides, do not believe in deep that drinking tea on an empty stomach can clear the stomach in the early morning. Usually, after a night’s rest, people wake up in the morning and their dinner has been digested at all, people are actually in a state of hunger at this time.

So drinking tea at this time cannot achieve the goal of clearing the intestines and stomach, and will damage the stomach. And early morning drink a cup of weak brine or honey water on an empty stomach, is the method with better clear intestines and stomach. Therefore, we should pay attention to “avoid an empty stomach” when drinking tea.

Drink tea in 3 situations will be harmful to healthy 1
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