Say Goodbye To The Tea Stain – Clean The Teaware In The Right Way

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Clean teaware make tea drinking feel better
Clean teaware make tea drinking feel better

There is a trouble that people who drink tea for a long time must face, how to clean the teaware.

After using for a long time, some people found that there is a layer of the dirt, will form on the surface of the teaware.

What interesting is, some people like the tea stain very much. They think it can prove that they love tea, and believe the tea stain can make the tea taste better; They even do not like the clean teaware, prefer to use the teaware which got a lot of tea stain.

It’s absolutely wrong.

How does tea stain form

Clean teacup with a toothbrush
Clean teacup with a toothbrush

Relevant studies show tea polyphenols react chemically with metal substances in tea rust when tea exposed to air for a long time. That’s how tea stain form, it will attach to the inner wall of the teaware, and get thicker and thicker.

Scientists have conducted sampling and testing of tea stain and found that tea stain contains carcinogenic substances, such as nitrite. When people use the teaware that contains tea stain, partial tea stain can enter human body gradually, combine with the material such as protein, fatty acid, vitamin in the human body, become a lot of toxic substance, endanger health thereby.

How to clean the teaware

Clean the teaware with a soft brush
Clean the teaware with a soft brush

The tea stain has become a problem which people must to solve. Then, how to clean the tea stain out correctly?

Many people used to clean with a hard brush or something rough, thinking it can clean them thoroughly. That seems right. However, after such cleaning this way, the situation is often worse. Why? Because there is a layer of enamel on the surface of the teaware, the hard brush will destroy the enamel, makes the tea seeps into the skin of the teaware, thorough cleaning becomes more difficult. Especially the ceramic and porcelain teaware.

It’s not difficult to do the right job.

First, we must develop the habit of cleaning the teaware immediately after having tea.

Once the tea stain is formed, we can put some toothpaste on the surface of the teaware, and wash them after a few minutes. In this way, the tea stain can be clean by a soft brush easily.

Remove the smell of the teaware

Some people found that the new teaware has a smell like earth, and there is a layer of wax on it. In this case, we must use the “boiling way” to remove the scent.

It’s simple. First, take a clean and no smell pan and put the teaware in it. Adding water and heating to boiling for about 30 minutes. Then put the teaware out and cool down.

Be careful not to rinse immediately with cold water. Everybody knows the rule about thermal expansion and contraction.


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