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Many people think that green tea has an excellent effect on losing weight, especially having green tea on an empty stomach state, and it will work better. Is that true?

The answer is absolutely not! Having green tea on an empty stomach would not get more benefits from green tea, even harmful for the human body.

Why Should Never Have Green Tea On An Empty Stomach

Green tea is a kind of non-fermented tea. And it keeps most of the natural nutrition facts along, the tea polyphenol and caffeine are kept over 85% in the tea leaves.

The tea polyphenol in tea assuredly has a significant effect on losing weight, anti-aging, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory.

EGCG(an ingredient in tea polyphenol) can help reduce weight loss by inhibiting digestive enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract and reducing carbohydrate absorption.

And the caffeine in tea, have the function that relaxes gastrointestinal smooth muscle, can promote gastric juice to secrete, conduce to digest, and improve appetite.

But, these natural ingredients will stimulate a lot to the human body on the empty stomach state, and cause undesirable effects.

Drinking green tea on an empty stomach, by the stimulation of tea polyphenol and caffeine, the stomach will begin to work, even though there is no food in it.

Also, the tannins in tea irritate the stomach to produce more gastric acid, which can cause digestive problems such as acid refluxconstipation, and nausea.

And after absorbing the tea polyphenols and caffeine, the stimulated stomach working more efficiently, which leads to a vicious cycle, and take a burden on the stomach.

From another point of view, the digestive system is under bad influence, leads to inappetence and dyspepsia, affects the absorption of food nutrients, also takes effect on weight loss.

But such a harmful way, will you dare to have a try?

Another thing worth to know that in the empty stomach state, due to the excessive absorption of caffeine, some people will also develop symptoms of palpitationdizziness, and feeling lost.

Once your onset of the symptoms above, you can take candy or a cup of sugar water, it can help with the symptom relief.

What Moments To Avoid Having Green Tea

Although green tea is a kind of healthy beverage, if you drink it in the wrong way, it will not take any benefit but cause harm to the body.

Including on an empty stomach, there are 6 moments you should avoid to have green tea:

Having Green Tea Before Bed

Except for green tea, all real teas are high in caffeine. Too much caffeine will stimulate the nerves and make people high.

If having green tea before bed, it may influence the quality of sleeping, even cause insomnia.

Stomach Upset

The caffeine and polyphenols in green tea can irritate the stomach. Green tea is not recommended to consume if you have stomach disease, or when your stomach is upset.


Catechins in tea polyphenols combine with Fe to form a complex that cannot be absorbed by the body, affecting the absorption of Fe.

And Fe is the essential element that the human body hemopoietic needs, the person that suffers from anemia consumes excessive green tea easily make the disease aggravation.

Menstrual Period

As mentioned above, green tea will affects the body’s absorption of iron. And lots of caffeine also can stimulate the nerve, make menstrual women more irritable and nervous.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can drink green tea appropriately. Green tea is rich in Zn, which plays an essential role in the healthy growth and development of the fetus.

Drink some light green tea appropriately, can rise to enhance heart kidney function, promoting haemal circulation, help digest, prevent pregnancy edema, improve the function such as fetal growth and development.

However, green tea can also prevent pregnant women from absorbing Fe. So there is a risk of gestational anemia if consumes too much green tea, and the fetus may also suffer from congenital iron-deficiency anemia.

Therefore, pregnant women should try to avoid drinking too much green tea, while the concentration of green tea should not be too high.

During Medication

Ingredients in green tea may react chemically with the drug, affecting its therapeutic efficacy and possibly causing side effects. Green tea and even other types of real tea should be avoided during medication. 

If you really want to enjoy a cup of green tea, consult your doctor first.

What Is The Best Time For Having Green Tea

The suggested best time to enjoy green tea is in the afternoon.

After a lunch break, people often feel a short period of mental exhaustion, and stay in a sleepy state.

Having a cup of green tea this time, the fresh flavor, and caffeine in tea can wake you up at once.

People who work in the office, a cup of green tea may let you work more effectively in the afternoon.

At the same time, the lunch also already began to be digested. A cup of green tea at this moment can help the digest, make the human body absorbs the nutrients of food better.

Especially after eating greasy meat, having green tea can help remove the greasy feeling from your mouth.

Enjoy a cup of green tea in breakfast is also an excellent choice, but never on an empty stomach.


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