Is Drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea In Pregnancy A Right Choice?

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Raspberry is known as “female herb,” it is said drinking raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy will be helpful in labor.

Is it the truth that having raspberry leaf tea helps with pregnant women? And what the other benefits it got? Let’s see.

It is said that raspberry leaf tea is good for pregnant women
It is said that raspberry leaf tea is good for pregnant women

What Is Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry belongs to the Rosaceae family, the scientific name is “Rubus idaeus.” “Rubus” means red in Latin. “Idaeus” refers to the mount IDA in ancient mythology. It is said that the meaning for its name is that mount IDA grows many raspberries. Raspberry fruits are red, sweet and juicy, typically used in making jam, vinegar, and wine.

And the raspberry leaf tea is made from the leaf( sometimes with fruits) of raspberry after drying, which has a light flavor and smell; but is not as sweet as the fruit jam.

The fresh raspberry fruit
The fresh raspberry fruit

Pregnant Women Drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy

Raspberry leaf tea has a great benefit on the uterus, known as “pregnant women’s herbal tea” long ago.

Raspberry leaves are rich in minerals and vitamins, which can alleviate the pregnancy reaction and vomiting of pregnant women. In the past, women drink raspberry leaf tea two months before labor, adjust the tightness of the uterine muscle, help soften the cervix. Some case shows it may expand the pelvis, and make the fetus get more space. Also, it can shorten the labor time, make it easier.

Because raspberry leaves contain the flavonoids that can improve the constitution, so the women after labor usually keep drinking raspberry leaf tea for several weeks to help the uterus restore. Besides, raspberry leaf tea in one of the rare herbal tea which can promote milk secretion.

Consult your doctor before you drink raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy
Consult your doctor before you drink raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy

In early pregnancy, the fetal position has not been fixed. Due to the uterine contraction enhancing effect of raspberry leaf tea, excessive drinking may make the fetal get an unideal development position. What is dangerous, it may lead to the baby agitation or even miscarriage.

Therefore, if you want to relieve the pregnancy reaction or hope to help with inducing labor later by drinking raspberry leaf tea, you should first consult your midwife to determine whether your physical state is suitable. Besides, when you are going to drink raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy, do not make it in a high concentration, and notices the dosage.

Other Benefits Of Raspberry Leaf Tea

Although the effects of raspberry leaf tea to women during pregnancy remains controversial, it also other excellent benefits.

Boost Resistance

Because of raspberry leaf tea rich in Flavonoids and Anthocyanin, these ingredients are antioxidants and have a specific medicinal effect. They can inhibit the activity of a variety of bacteria and viruses in the human body and make the anti-inflammatory ability significantly improved. Drink raspberry leaf tea moderately may help improve health, reduce the risk of inflammation.

Besides, women during the menstrual period, drinking raspberry leaf tea, may help to relieve menstrual pain. It contains iron, which also helps to replace the loss of blood.

Help Digestion And Weight Loss

The Raspberry Ketone contained in raspberry, with 3 times a fat-burning effect than capsaicin. It can effectively decompose and shrink adipocyte, reduce the lipid absorption, and boost metabolism; that helps with digestion and weight loss. Besides, it also helps in treating childhood diarrhea.

Oral Diseases

Raspberry leaf tea has an astringent effect and can relieve a sore throat caused by inflammation. With the anti-inflammation benefit, rinsing the mouth with the high-concentration raspberry leaf tea, also give some help in treating periodontitis.

The dry raspberry leaf
The dry raspberry leaf

How To Make Raspberry Leaf Tea

You can easily make tea raspberry leaf tea. Put 7-8g raspberry leaf into a glass cup, adding boiling water and steeping for about 3 mins. Then enjoy.

Because the raspberry leaf tea tastes light, you can blend with other herbs or teas to increase the flavor.

Take 5g jasmine tea leaves and 3g raspberry leaves, put them into a glass cup, adding boiling water, and stir. Then pour out the infusion, adding boiling water again, and steeping for about 3~5 mins and then serving. Blending these two teas can make the flavor more attractive, also help for a beauty.


Raspberry Leaf and Its Effect on Labour: Safety and Efficacy 

Uterotonic Plants and their Bioactive Constituents

Is Drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea In Pregnancy A Right Choice? 1
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Is Drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea In Pregnancy A Right Choice?

Raspberry is known as "female herb," it is said drinking raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy will be helpful in labor. Is it the truth that having raspberry...

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