4 Benefits of Lemon Verbena Tea Help You Lose Fat Legs

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Lemon verbena is a common herb spice, and people love to add few when baking cakes. This plant also can be used to make herbal tea. Lemon verbena tea has a pleasant scent closed to lemon, which can sober your brain up. It is said this type of tea works excellent in helping weight loss, especially fat legs. So it is popular during the people who care about their beauty and sit a long time a day.

Lemon verbena tea is good for loss weight
Lemon verbena tea is good for loss weight

What Is Lemon Verbena Tea

Lemon verbena, scientific name Aloysia citrodora, originated in South America, Spanish brought it to Europe in the 17th century. The long tiny leaves of lemon verbena are rich in essential oil(citral mainly) and give off a fresh lemon fragrance. Folks flawed in love with it quickly and called it “the queen of the herbs.” Except for making herbal tea, people also take it as a seasoner for baking, cooking, or mixed drink.

Lemon verbena is made from the dried leaves and stems. The teas infusion shows light green, taste a little herbaceous, smooth, and viscosity, with a slight scent similar to lemon and citrus.

Lemon verbena tea is made from its narrow and long dried leaves
Lemon verbena tea is made from its narrow and long dried leaves

Lemon Verbena Tea Benefits

Lemon verbena tea is so popular not only because of its fresh smell and pleasant taste but also its excellent health benefits.

Mental Management

Lemon verbena often used in aromatherapy. The teas also can help people to relieve nerves and refreshing. So it has a long history of curing insomnia in folk remedies.

A study suggested people who after consumption lemon verbena tea got better sleep. Maybe it is benefited by the A. citriodora contained. And lemon verbena tea does not belong to true tea, so it’s caffeine-free and would not stimulate your nerves. Having a cup 3 hours before bed, it could help improve sleep quality.

Besides, scientists found that lemon verbena shows a potential effect on curing depressed, but it still needs more evidence support. However, when you are feeling anxiety at work, try to enjoy some lemon verbena tea to relaxing your mind.

Weight Loss Effect

A long time sitting may make the fat accumulate in the legs, to the office ladies who love beauty, that’s big trouble. Lemon verbena tea is believed that has an excellent benefit on removing the fat legs, and that’s why ladies love it more.

Studies suggested that the adiponectin which lemon verbena contains can control the metabolism of the human body effectively, slow down fat accumulation and generation, achieve the purpose of losing weight. And the polyphenols(not the same as the true tea polyphenols) also help to balance the lipid level, reduce obesity-related diseases.

The lemon verbena tea after brewed is light green
The lemon verbena tea after brewed is light green


The luteolin is a kind of flavonoid, which is a powerful antioxidant contained in lemon verbena. The research suggested that the lemon verbena infusion has an outstanding effect on attenuates the induced colitis, consumption suitably can help prevent intestinal inflammation.

And in the folk’s remedies, once people are suffering from respiratory tract inflammation, sore throat, and other diseases, they usually have a cup of lemon verbena tea. The fresh fragrance and anti-inflammatory effect of the drink, can relieve symptoms and reduce the discomfort of the throat and nose quickly.

In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect, the flavonoid that Aloysia contained also can eliminate free radicals, protect cells from reactive oxygen species (ROS) induced damage, to achieve the purpose of preventing cancer.

Recovery Muscle Damage

After exhaustive exercise, the muscle gets damaged; you will feel an ache and lost your strength, even lead to inflammation. Typically it spends a few days or one week to recover.

Ever a study about the lemon verbena extract suggested, it has a significant effect on helping the muscle repair, short the time to 48 hours. It may benefit from the polyphenol contained, woking anti-inflammation, or reduce oxidative stress.

If you do exercise frequently, try to take a cup of lemon verbena tea after the finish; maybe it can help reduce muscle pain.

Lemon Verbena Tea Side Effects


It is regarded that lemon verbena tea’s muscle recovery effect may lead to uterine muscle contraction similarly. Even though there is no substantial evidence, but this is a potential abortion risk to women during pregnancy. So pregnant women should avoid consuming lemon verbena tea.

Frequent Urination

Because lemon verbena tea achieves the weight loss result by promoting the metabolism, that means it will increase the excretion. If you were having too much tea in one time, or to some special physique constitution people, it might cause frequent urination.

And lemon verbena tea may irritate the kidneys; if you got kidney disease, avoid taking it in large dosage, or may make the condition getting worst.

Besides, avoid having lemon verbena tea before bed for less than 3 hours, or not only can’t get the mental relax benefit but due to insomnia by the frequent urination.

How To Prepare Lemon Verbena Tea

Lemon verbena rosemary tea
Lemon verbena rosemary tea
  • Put 10-15 pieces of lemon verbena tea leaves into the teapot, add boiling water and steep for about 10 minutes, until the tea leaves are fully blooming.
  • The lemon verbena infusion is light green, with a fresh lemony aroma. Add honey or maple syrup for flavoring according to your taste.
  • Lemon verbena tea also can brew with other herbs, such as rosemary and marigold tea, to make the taste more delicious and the benefits getting better.


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