Choose the best tea storage container for loose leaf tea

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For having tea enjoyable, you need both high-quality tea and suitable teaware. But what people often overlook is that a right tea storage container is also essential.

A proper tea storage container helps you store your loose tea or tea bags well and not to go bad. To choose the right one, we should consider the feature of sealing performance, light insulation, moisture-proof, deodorization, and anti-oxidation.

Tea storage containers got lots of types according to the different materials, and each of them got their unique pros, how to choose the suitable one? Let’s see.

Tin Tea Storage Container

Tin texture soft and toughness, has an excellent sealing performance, play a functional role in oxidation resistance. 

Tin canister with less odor, would not influence the fragrance of the tea. Due to its high airtightness and thermal conductivity, the temperature inside the tin containers will keep low, and air dry, which is suitable for storing the tea easy oxidation, such as green tea and white tea. Especially the non-fermentation green tea contains lots of natural tea polyphenol, need to maintain freshness carefully, once it got oxidation, the color will turn dark, and taste go bad.

Because of the great feature and low cost of tin, the tea storage containers made of it got highly cost-effective, which regarded as the top for storing loose tea.

Silver Tea Storage Container

The tea container made by silver has the most beautiful appearance. It has the same advantages as the tin tea container, but silver is much more expensive than the tin one.

But one problem troubles people of a lot, that the surface of the silver teaware is easy to oxidize and turns black, which needs constant careful maintain. Also, it is accessible to out of shape.

Because the price of silver tea storage containers is relatively high, the collection value of it may be much more significant than its use-value.

Iron Tea Storage Container

As a kind of metal teaware, the iron storage container is the worst one for store loose leaf tea.

Although the iron tea storage container has an excellent sealing performance, the iron is very easy to rust. Its moisture-proof performance is also weak.

Tea easily absorbs the smell of the surrounding environment, and once the iron tea container rusts, the scent of rust will affect the quality of the tea.

But the price of iron tea container is relatively low, so it is still trendy. For short-term storage of tea, there will be no adverse effects.

Clay And Porcelain Tea Storage Container

The clay tea storage container has perfect breathability. So it is suitable for storing the tea which needs aging, such as dark tea, but not for non-fermented tea, such as green tea.

And porcelain tea storage container, because of the glaze on the surface, its airtightness is much improved, satisfy to store non-fermented tea.

Clay and porcelain tea storage container are the traditional Chinese teaware, has an outstanding collection and the appreciation value.

Glass Tea Storage Container

The glass tea storage container got an exquisite appearance and high airtightness. But its cons is the light transmission, and fragile.

Tea storage should be kept out of the sun as it speeds up the fermentation process. Making the tea lose its scent and color, and the taste will become bad. 

Many tea stores use the glass container to store tea, to enable guests to better view and choosing. But they will place them in a dark place, to protect it from the sun.

So the glass container is not recommended for long-term storage of loose leaf tea.

Cardboard Tea Storage Container

Cardboard tea storage container is the sales packaging for many loose leaf tea products or tea bags. It has a low cost, but poor sealing, easy to be affected with damp, and deformation. It is not recommended for storing tea.

Wooden Tea Storage Container

Wooden tea storage has a significant advantage – solidly. It’s not as fragile as the ceramic one or the glass one, and not as easy to be deformed as the metal one.

But it has a fatal con, and it is more easily to be damp than the others. Once the wood gets wet, moss will grow, had a harmful influence on the quality of tea. So a wooden tea canister is more suitably used to store tea for a limited time when going out. Hard and light make it good on portability.


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