Why not recommended to use a vacuum flask to steep tea

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Use a vacuum flask to steep tea is very convenience
Use a vacuum flask to steep tea is very convenience

Many people who work in the office, in their free time will directly use a vacuum flask to steep tea, a bottle of tea can drink for a long time. Especially in winter, they think it is convenient and they can taste hot tea at any time.

In fact, using a vacuum flask to steep tea may not only waste the tea, but also not taste the original taste of tea, and may have adverse effects on the body.

Why not recommended to use a vacuum flask to steep tea? There are 3 reasons:

1.     The effects on the original taste of tea

Because the insulation effect of the vacuum flask is excellent so that the water can keep a long time of high temperature. Under the continuous steeping with hot water, the aromatic substances of tea will be volatilized quickly, reducing the fragrance of tea. At the same time, high temperature can also make tea polyphenols, such as leach too much, so that tea color thick, bitter taste, and a taste like over-cooked.

In particular, the use of vacuum flask steeping such as green tea and other non-fermented tea will make the tea with an over-cooked taste, tea lost its aroma and turn to a dark color. If you must use a vacuum flask to steep tea, choose a complete fermentation tea such as black tea.

2.     Reduces the health benefits of tea

As a result of a long time steeping, the tannic acid, tea polyphenols and other nutrients in the tea will last separate out excessive, and then occur oxidation reaction, resulting in bitter taste and waste of tea nutrients.

This happens not just with green tea, but with any tea which steeped in a vacuum flask for a long time. Therefore, tea should not steep for a long time, drinking after steeping in time, in order to experience the real taste of tea and get its nutritional value.

3.     Easy to produce tea stain and not easy to clean

Tea long time steep in the cup will cause tea stain, often use a vacuum flask to steep tea, after a period of time the vacuum flask inner wall will accumulate layers dirty tea stain, and not easy to clean.

Using high-temperature water to steep tea a long time will make tea lose its aroma and taste, and if there are layers of tea stain in the inner of vacuum flask at the same time, the taste of tea will be worse and not healthy.

Glass teacup is recommended

To sum up, the conclusion is not recommended to use a vacuum flask to steep tea. People who work in offices can choose glass teacups for convenient to having hot tea. The glass does not produce toxic chemicals when it is fired, so you don’t have to worry about any toxic chemicals getting into your body when you use it to steep tea or drink water.

And glass tea can not only see the process of steeping tea, the scene of tea dancing in the water, but also can clearly see the color of tea, but the glass is fragile and too hot to hold with hands.


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