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Steeping a cup of tea with a black tea bag
Steeping a cup of tea with a black tea bag

Sometimes, we will feel a sense of low gear, when using tea bags to steeping tea. But in the reason of the rush of time, we have to make with.

However, the convenience of tea bags, making it easy to enjoy a cup of tea without any effort, is a definite advantage. And in recent years, more and more tea brands launched carefully crafted and high-quality tea bags, on aroma, taste, and other aspects have excellent performance; it is worth a try!

In fact, with a little care in the steeping sequence and movement, tea bags also can be tasted surprisingly good. Let’s follow the tips below.

1. Control the amount of water

One tea bag usually is about 2g, and the shape of the tea leaves is mostly splintery. So the amount of water needs to be controlled at about 200ml. Meanwhile, the influence of water temperature on tea also needs to be paid attention.

2. Steeping Tricks

First, warming the cup with hot water, then pour boiling water into the cup, and finally put the tea bag in. In this way, tea bags and tea leaves will not be squeezed by the water column and have more room to expand.

If the tea leaves in the tea bag are too fine, the brewing time is about 2 minutes. If the shape of the tea leaves is large, the time can be slightly extended by 1 minute. The tea tastes better if you cover it with a cup lid.

3. Take out the tea bag

After the tea is steeped, you can hold the label and shake around the tea bag in the cup, let the tea bag rotates slightly in the drink, make the concentration of the tea is a little more uniform. And then take out the tea bag, waiting for the dripping to end.

If you keep the tea bag soak in the tea all the time, the taste of tea will become very bitter and astringent. And! Never use a teaspoon or any tool to extrude tea bag, which can appear astringent taste, and break the tea bag.

Just a tea lover. Like to try different types of tea. Do not matter if the brewing is perfect, only enjoy the various charming taste.


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