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Ceylon tea is the black tea which is origin in Sri Lanka. All people have favored it for its excellent quality and pure taste. 

But do you know how to brew a perfect cup of Ceylon tea? Follow the tips below, and you can make your Ceylon tea taste more delicious.

Time to have a perfect cup of Ceylon tea
Time to have a perfect cup of Ceylon tea

Ways About Brewing Ceylon Ten

Loose Tea

To brew loose Ceylon Tea(most of it is CTC tea), best to brew with a glass teapot, which has a filter inside. 

Pre-heat the teapot first, put the tea into it, add boiling water, and steep for about 3 minutes.

Take care of the water quality to keep the Ceylon tea original flavor, and it’s best to use mineral water.

Add more tea when the taste turns light after rounds.

Tea Bag

When you are going to brew with a Ceylon teabag, you can use a Mark cup. Just cover and steep with boiling water for about 3 minutes. 

Do not use a spoon to squeeze the teabag, or puncture it. 

And one teabag just best for one cup consume, do not brew it again or steep it in the water for a long time.

Add Some Milk

Milk is a perfect suit with Ceylon black tea
Milk is a perfect suit with Ceylon black tea

Milk is a perfect suit with Ceylon black tea, to make the flavor of black tea richer, you can add an appropriate amount of milk or cream in it, with one or two sugar cubes.

Add milk before brew black tea or after is also a kind of learning(MIF or MIA). Anyway, milk will make Ceylon tea more smooth and taste a higher tier.

Mix Coffee

An exciting way to have black tea is to mix coffee. In Hongkong Style, it is called “Yuenyeung.” 

Yuenyeung has both the smooth of Ceylon black tea and the strong aroma of the coffee, more caffeine it contains can make your nerves more active.

Hongkong Style black tea Yuenyeung
Hongkong Style black tea Yuenyeung

Cold Brew With Lemon

Cold-brew tea is a cool way. Put 1 or 2 Ceylon black tea bags into a glass bottle, add cold water, cover, and put it into the refrigerator.

Juicing some lemon, combine with some sugar, stir. Then pour the mixture into another empty bottle.

Take out the black tea after 8 hours, pour them into the bottle with lemon juice, and you will get a cool, bit sweet and sour cup of cold brew lemon black tea.

Use a piece of lemon to make the taste of Ceylon tea better
Use a piece of lemon to make the taste of Ceylon tea better

5 Keys About Brewing Ceylon Tea

Tea Choose

Choose the types of Ceylon tea that suit your taste. 

Ceylon black tea is the pillar industry of Sri Lanka. The tea management authority has set up to manage the whole industrial chain. It is very standardized and can be said to be the highest-quality tea in the world. 

No matter what Ceylon tea types, it will provide the best taste if you buy from the formal channel.


The water used for brewing tea must be boiled, but it should cool down to 80℃ when you are using it. 

Notice, the water which boiling for a long time is terrible, and it’s best to use mineral water to brew Ceylon tea.


Pre-heat the teapot and cups with boiling water, put 3-5g Ceylon tea into it, adding boiling water, cover, and steep for 3-5 minutes. 

To get the best taste, you need to control the steeping time well, not too short or too long.

In every Sri Lanka tea house, there will be a timer for the customer timing, the scale is 3, 4, and 5 minutes, represents the time required for light, medium and strong tastes. Of course, you can manage the steeping time according to your taste.


Pour the black tea into the cup, and it is ready to drink. Enjoy it still hot, the flavor of Ceylon black tea will be lower when it cools down. Due to the catechin oxidation, the more time it places, the bitter it is.


The taste is also different according to the different amounts of tea leaves you brewed. 

Generally, 3g of tea can brew 3-4 cups of tea (about 120 ml per cup). Keep trying different ways to brew Ceylon tea, until you find the best suit to you.

Hong Kong Style Lemon Ceylon Tea Recipe

Hong Kong-style lemon black tea

Hong Kong-Style Lemon Ceylon Black Tea

Traditional Hong Kong-style black tea all made with Ceylon black tea. Besides the famous Hong Kong-style milk tea, lemon black tea is also very popular.
Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time5 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Fruit Tea
Keyword: black tea, Ceylon tea
Yield: 2 people


  • 7 g Ceylon Black Tea CTC
  • 1 Lemon Cut into slices
  • 1 tbsp Cane Syrup
  • Ice Cubes


  • Take two teapots, brew 7g CTC Ceylon black tea with boiling water in one, steep for 3 mins
  • Top a filter on the other teapot, pour the black tea into it though the filter
  • Repeat step 2 for 3 times
  • Kill the seed of the lemon slices, then put them into a cup, add the cane syrup in and stir gently
  • Top the filter on the cup, pour the black tea into it though the filter, stir
  • Add the ice cubes in


  • You can take step 3 for more times, to make the tea flavor stronger
  • If you feel the tea tastes too astringent, add more sugar
Just a tea lover. Like to try different types of tea. Do not matter if the brewing is perfect, only enjoy the various charming taste.
  1. 5 stars
    Thank you for the information on Hong Kong style popular teas. I had no idea there were so many. I just wonder if the popular Thai and Vietnamese teas with condensed milks, usually served on ice, were based on the Hong Kong milk teas. I also wonder if the original Hong Kong version influenced Taiwanese bubble teas. If you have information on any of these questions, I’d very much appreciate it, and admire your wealth of knowledge on my favorite drink.

    • Howdy, Barry,

      These are very interesting questions. Even though people who having milk tea first were Mongolian and Tibetan, they were used dark tea. The popularity of black milk tea was the result of the Western colonization of Asia regions. Hong Kong and India were ever ruled by the British Empire, Malaysia was ever ruled by Holland, and Vietnam was ever ruled by France; these regions were deeply influenced by the British black tea culture, and they all developed their local style basic on it.

      Thai tea is said from the Teh Tarik, which was invented by a Malaysian who immigrated from Indian. Although they are both making the tea become more smooth in a pulling way, the Hong Kong milk tea will filter with “silk stockings.” So it can’t say Thai tea is based on Hong Kong milk tea; they have some relationships, just like every similar culture worldwide.

      Many people in Taiwan and Hong Kong are origin from Fujian, China. So for Taiwanese bubble tea, indeed, has a much close relationship to Hong Kong milk tea. That’s because, in the 1980s, these two regions have a close cultural exchange, especially in the entertainment industry.

      And the word Bubble of the tea name is from the pronunciation of Bo Ba. So it doesn’t for describing the tapioca balls at first, but for describing Big Breast. It is said the tea name idea was from a Taiwanese milk tea shop owner, who was infatuated with a hot body Hong Kong female star and therefore invented bubble tea. However, Bo Ba is not an elegant word in the Chinese mainland, so bubble tea is also called Pearl Milk Tea.

      Hoping these can help you. After all, the related history and politics are very complicated. Besides, you can know more about the related on my other articles:

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