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There are many varieties of tea on the market, so how to choose high-quality tea has become the first thing people consider. Generally, choose tea mainly from the vision, smell, taste, and touch to identify the selection. Generally, mainly from the sight, smell, taste, and touch to identify the selection. High-quality tea stands out from ordinary tea in these respects. Overall, choose the tea from the following 5 tips:

Choose high-quality tea is the first step to enjoy a cup of tea
Choose high-quality tea is the first step to enjoy a cup of tea

1.    Choose high-quality tea by looking at the shape

All kinds of tea leaves have specific shape characteristics, some like silver needles, some like melon seed slices, some like round beads, some like bird tongues, some leaves loose foam, some leaves tight knot.

Look at the shape of the tea leaves
Look at the shape of the tea leaves

Choose and buy tea, want to see its appearance above all how. Even – looking teas tend to be better, and broken ones are worse. Try to put the tea leaves in a round plate and shake it, so that under the effect of the force of tea and it will separate into hierarchical order. You can see the shape of tea clearly. The thick and complete ones are in the uppermost layer, the compact, thin and heavy ones are concentrated in the middle layer, and the broken and fine ones are deposited in the lowermost layer.

For each type of tea, the best is the tea in the middle layer; The upper layer is generally thick old leaves, the taste and color are lighter; Lower layer tea, after steeping often taste too strong, dark color.

In addition to the shape of tea whether broken, but also take a look at the compact degree of tea. High-quality tea is compact and heavy, which with tender raw materials and fine workmanship; And the low-quality tea is loose and light, which not suggest buying.

Besides these two methods, you can also judge the quality of tea by its purity. High-quality tea will not have any inclusions, such as tea chips, tea stalks, tea powder, tea seeds, and bamboo chips, wood chips, lime, sand and so on mixed in the production process.

2.    The aroma of tea

Smell the aroma of tea
Smell the aroma of tea

The aroma is the soul of tea, no matter what kind of tea, have their own unique fragrance. For example, green tea has a clear fragrance, and black tea slightly caramel aroma; oolong tea has a unique ripe fruit aroma, herbal tea has a strong mix of floral and tea aroma. When we buy tea, we can judge whether the aroma of tea leaves is strong and lasting. For example, holding tea, close to the nose gently sniff, generally, those strong, fresh, pure, lasting and no peculiar smell of tea is good; If the tea has musty, scorch and stale smell are poor quality tea.

In addition to smelling the aroma of tea leaves, if the merchant allows, it is better to try to steep the tea before buying it. The aroma is better and more fragrant, with the unique aroma of various kinds of tea, which is easier to identify.

3.    The color of tea

Different grade of tea has different color
Different grade of tea has different color

All kinds of tea have different colors, but in any case, high-quality tea has bright, soft and fresh characteristics so that we can identify the quality of tea by color. For all, green tea looks fresh green, black tea looks oily black, oolong tea looks green-brown, dark tea looks oily and dark, and so on. And those colors of tea are not unified, different shades or dark and matt, indicating that raw materials have both tender and old, rough workmanship, and poor quality.

The color of tea leaves is related to many aspects, such as the tenderness of raw materials, the variety of tea trees, the conditions of the tea gardens where they are picked, the processing technology and so on. Such as high-mountain green tea, looks green with slightly yellow, fresh and bright; Low-mountain green tea or flatlands green tea color looks dark green but bright; If the fixation is not uniform, will also cause uneven luster, not neat; And if the production process is poor, even the tender tea bud will become coarse, old and dark.

In addition to the color of tea leaves, we can also distinguish the quality of tea according to the different color of steeped tea. The tea soup of high-quality tea must be bright and clear, with a certain brightness, while the tea soup of low-quality tea often has sediment, and the soup color is cloudy. As long as we remember the different color characteristics of high-quality tea, I believe it is not difficult to choose high-quality tea.

4.    The taste of tea

Try to have a taste of tea before buying it
Try to have a taste of tea before buying it

Different types of tea have different tastes, so the criteria for judging are often different. However, the taste of high-quality tea in all kinds of tea is generally the same.

For example, green tea tastes fresh and mellow, with a little bitter first and turning to sweet later; Black tea tastes sweeter and stronger, endless aftertaste; Herbal tea tastes fresh and cool, floral aroma obvious. Although the type of tea is more, the characteristic of high-quality tea is the same. They all taste little astringent but will turn to sweet after a while, the aroma will stay in the mouth and last for a long time. The tea which tastes only astringent and bitter is low-quality, they also have a scorched smell.

5.    The feeling of tea

High-quality tea can bring you a wonderful feeling
High-quality tea can bring you a wonderful feeling

The so-called feeling is not only the taste of tea so simple but a rich connotation and implicit taste. High-quality tea, only take a taste of it, will feel relaxed as if all the troubles have been instantly away, the world becomes very clear and calm. This feeling of tea drinking is often used by poets and writers as inspiration for their works.

So high-quality tea can bring people a wonderful feeling that can not speak, and the low-quality tea just like tasting a shit.

How to choose high-quality tea? There are 5 tips for you 1
Just a tea lover. Like to try different types of tea. Do not matter if the brewing is perfect, only enjoy the various charming taste.


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