Rosemary is called Dew of The Sea

Rosemary Tea, Benefits, Side Effects & How To Make

Rosemary is a plant origin from the Mediterranean coast, also called Rosmarinus Officinalis. It got a long strip type and dark green leaves, blue cluster flowers, with a strong aroma. People love to make rosemary tea with its leaves; in Europe…

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Gaiwan is one of the important teaware

How To Use A Gaiwan Instead Of A Teapot To Brew Tea Better

Gaiwan is a kind of traditional Chinese teaware, which consists of a lid, a bowl, and a saucer, respectively corresponding to the “sky,”” earth,” and the “man,” reflecting the traditional Chinese philosophy. In some Chinese ancient-theme films, the characters often…

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Why Do Some People Say Marigold Tea Is Not Safe?

Have you seen some orange balls bloom in the gardens? These lovely balls are marigold flowers, which originated in South America. It is said these plants can help protect the garden from pests, plus its beautiful appearance makes it…

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