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We’ve talked about Da Ye Qing tea in another post. There is a charming tea that also comes from Guangdong, China; it is Yingde Black Tea. It is regarded as the Top 3 Chinese black tea with Keemun and Yunnan Dianhong. Even though it’s not famous as the other two, or you may never hear about it. But you may know Yinghong No.9 tea, which is the class grade in Yingde black tea.

Yingde black tea was ever popular in the west
Yingde black tea was ever popular in the west

What Is Yingde Blac Tea


Yingde black tea comes from Yingde City, Guangdong, China. Everyone knows, Cantonese loves drinking tea very much, and Gongfu Tea Ceremony is also originated here. But all the time, Cantonese has mainly consumed oolong tea and dark tea. Even the local Da Ye Qing tea only gets small market shares. Black tea is not as popular as green tea in China, so people prefer to produce green ones.

However, Guangdong is the main port for foreign trade, and it adjoins Hong Kong and Macao, which is two the colony of British and Portugal until the late last century. European love black tea more; it accounts for a larger share of exports. So it will get more benefits if to produce black tea locally.

Therefore, the local tea factory Hongqi transplanted the big leaf-type tea trees from Yunnan in 1955, kept iteration and optimization, to find the best ones, which can suitable for the local environment and yield high-quality leaves. 

In 1959, the tea factory produced the Yingde black tea successfully. Due to the original intention of tea masters is for export to Europe, almost the tea is broken style. Yingde black tea is taken all over the world with its unique floral and quality quickly after publication.


Appearance. No matter the broken tea or the whole leaf tea, Yingde black tea’s dry leaves look tight. But compared to other types of black tea, the color is not so dark and glossy. And it is just like the Moonlight White Tea, one side of the leaf has fuzz; people called it “golden hao.”

Fragrance. The most significant difference between Yingde black tea and others is its unique fragrance. It is a kind of dancing floral, strong, but feeling soft and fresh. After you little sip, this aroma will stay in your mouth, makes you fresh and comfortable.

Tastes. Because also made from the Yunnan big leaf type tea trees, Yingde black tea tastes similar to the Pu-erh raw tea. Its fermentation degree is just right, a little bitter, and astringency. But it will disappear soon due to the chemical reaction with taste bud, and change into sweet. Besides, just like its fragrance, Yingde tea’s taste is also light, not mellow like other black teas.

Benefits. The leaves from big leaf type Camellia Sinensis typically contains more nutrients. So, Yingde black tea may offer more benefits to the human body. Especially the caffeine in tea is much more than other black tea under the same situation. It may do better on the weight loss.

Besides, Yingde black tea contains more tea polyphenols, such as thearubigins and theaflavin. All these rich nutrients make Yingde tea form a golden ring in the infusion easily, which symbolizes the high-quality.

Yingde black tea dry leaves seem not fermenting too deep
Yingde black tea dry leaves seem not fermenting too deep

What Is Yinghong No.9 Tea

How The Name Come

Yinghong No.9 tea is much famous than Yingde black tea. It is the top class of Yingde tea, and also the name of the tea trees. Do you know how this strange name come?

We just mentioned these Yunnan tea trees were transplanted to Yingde in 1956. Among them, 22 clonal line seedlings were picked out for optimal cultivation and tested their leaves in 1964. The result shows that the No.17 tea tree can make the best black tea.

Therefore, tea masters cloned this tea tree to yield the best Yingde black tea in batch. And here comes the question, how to named this type of tea to differentiate others.

The number 9 means living long and exalted in Chinese culture. So for the auspicious reason, the tea masters change the No.17 into No.9. Ying means Yingde, and Hong means black tea; that’s how the Yinghong No.9 tea comes. And in the local language, the pronunciation of Yinghong is the same as a hero.

Yinghong No.9 tea ever has its golden age. The state leaders highly recognize its quality after publication, and they help it develop into a public brand. In the west, it is said the British Queen also loves it and even service the guest with Yinghong No.9. And when Mr.Putin on a visit to China, he was full of praise after drinking it.

You can smell some unique floral aroma from Yinghong No.9 tea leaves
You can smell some unique floral aroma from Yinghong No.9 tea leaves


The tea masters invented almost all Chinese tea from their rich experience. But Yingde black tea had a different born way. 

It was created under the direction of the state, a product of the planned economy age. The purpose is to export to the west and earns foreign exchange and helps the economy growing. Due to it was rarely sold domestically, Yingde black teas almost were broken tea at the beginning. This is to cater to western brewing habits.

By the growth of the large black tea producing countries, such as India and Sri Lanka, the natural disadvantage on the distribution channel makes Yingde black tea getting behind in the competition. And due to its shorter history, it not as famous as Keemun, which also comes from China. Yingde Black tea is becoming unknown gradually.

Under this situation, tea masters began to produce whole leaf Yingde tea and develop the domestic market. Even though the Chinese have a low interest in black tea, Yingde black tea still won a group of fans with its excellent quality. 

Fortunately, the laboratory which found the Yinghong No.9 tea tree is still running. The scientists keep researching and hope to find out the new tea tree, which is better than Yinghong No.9 and makes Yingde black tea return to its former glory.

The tea laboratory in Yingde
The tea laboratory in Yingde

The Tea Grades

Most people thought Yinghong No.9 tea is the same as Yingde black tea; that may be a misunderstanding. Like we talked about previously, Yinghong No.9 is a name of the tea tree, a brand, and a Yingde black tea grade

After years of research, the local tea laboratory has developed more Yingde black tea grades, according to the different picking standard and processing methods.

  • Yinghong No.9. One bud, the first and second leaves picking standard;
  • Golden Yinghong. One bud, the first and second leaves picked in spring;
  • Golden Fuzz Hao. One bud and the first leaf picking standard;
  • Golden Hao Tea. Only pick the tender bud;

How To Brew Yingde Black Tea

Use a Gaiwan to make Yingde black tea
Use a Gaiwan to make Yingde black tea

Yingde black tea has a quick dissolve speed. It doesn’t need to steep long; A porcelain Gaiwan or teapot seems to be a good choice.

  1. Pre-heat the teawares;
  2. Add the leaves in, just full of the bottom is just right;
  3. Add hot water, then pour the liquid out quickly. This is for pre-heat and washing the leaves;
  4. Add 95℃ water and steep for 10-15 seconds;
  5. Pour the tea infusion in a fair cup through an infuser to make the concentration balance;
  6. Enjoy;

P.S. Black tea does not need aging to get better flavor and not suitable for storage for a long time. It is best to finish it in a year when it still fresh. The place for storage needs to be dark, dry, and cool. Besides, a cup of strong Yingde black tea will taste better mix the milk, in my opinion.

Just a tea lover. Like to try different types of tea. Do not matter if the brewing is perfect, only enjoy the various charming taste.


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