Tea Knowledge

Tea is one of the top three beverages in the world. Here, we will keep sharing the tea knowledge to help you better know this fascinating drink

Traditional Russian Tea Culture

Traditional Russian Tea Culture, Unique Teaware & Drinking Way

Russia has the largest land area in the world; most of our impression of it may be Putin, bear, belle, and vodka. But if...
Monk fruit tea is the most famous sore throat tea in Asia

Monk Fruit Tea – Best Sugar-Free Drink For Who Has A Sweet Tooth

Do you have a sweet tooth, yet worry about getting fat? Monk fruit tea, a popular herbal tea, comes from Asia, may satisfy what you need,...
Da Hong Pao Tea

Da Hong Pao Tea – The Most Expensive Tea Even Cost $1400 Per Gram

What is the most expensive kind of tea in the world? In 2002, ever 20g of Da Hong Pao tea was under the hammer at an...
Jasmine tea is loved by many people

Jasmine Tea Isn’t Caffeine Free, But Worth A Try Due To 8 Reasons

Have you ever tried jasmine tea? If you are, you absolutely remember the powerful fragrance left in the mouth. Many people may think, "what an amazing herbal...
Ginkgo Biloba Tea

Why Are Ginkgo Biloba Tea Not Recommended To Take Even It Has Lots Benefits?

Ginkgo Biloba The Living Fossil Ginkgo biloba is origin in China, as know as the maidenhair tree, which is one of the most ancient plants. In Traditional Chinese Medicine,...
Eyebright Tea

Enjoy Eyebright Tea To Keep Your Eyes Brightening

At a past post about “Eyesight Protection Tea Recipes” we mention one herbal tea call “Eyebright Tea”. It’s not hard to see this herb has a deep...
Tea polyphenols constitute a significant source of benefits for tea

Healthy Tea Diet: What Are Tea Polyphenols & 8 Excellent Benefits

When we talk about tea, we often heard the word "Tea Polyphenols," which is usually used for advertising. No matter the loose-leaves or the...
People always wonder how much caffeine in tea

Worry About The Caffeine In Tea? 4 Tips For You!

How much caffeine in tea? That's a question troubling to many people. Researchers used to study different types of tea on the market, hope to found out...
Learn More About Herbal Tea - Varied Taste & Benefits

Herbal Tea List, Varied Taste & Benefits, Continuously Updated

What Is Herbal Tea Herbal tea does not refer to a single type of tea, but the total name of a variety of tea drinks made...
White tea has been least processing and mostly close to the natural

White Tea Complete Guide: The Most Natural Tea With Excellent Benefits

Since Starbucks promoted white tea bags and related drink-products, white tea getting known by more and more people. Many tea lovers tasted them and feel disappointed,...

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